Dr. Marissa helps Callers Bring Balance to their Authentic Self


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Show Title: Dr. Marissa helps Callers Bring Balance to their Authentic Self

Description: Dr. Marissa, the ‘kinder, gentler Dr. Marissa’ works with Eva Curve from Colorado smooth out her power with the Balance Tool of Intent and Impact. Sometimes “Being Who We Are Exactly As We Are” may limit our effectiveness with a wider group of people who may not automatically “Get Us”. That sometimes being quietly powerful is even more powerful than head on intensity. There’s a Balance between intending respect and actually having people impacted with the same respect you intended…that cross cultures and cross personalities, there’s a lot of room for miss-takes. Eva’s business expression of creativity www.Acoustamata.com is a perfect fit helping people find their voice. DZA (Ellen Sevigny) also calls in from Colorado with the dilemma of balancing her Yoga in the Park business with her intense desire to just be a singer/songwriter. Dr. Marissa accidentally “reads minds” again with both callers and helps them Smog Check their BS (Belief Systems) that are getting in the way of their Happiness. Specifically, Ellen and the rest of the 7.3 billion of us have the right and the opportunity to do more than one thing in This Thing Called Life…having to choose one career and stay in it for the rest of your life even though you now hate it is NOT the only path. Check out her music at https://m.facebook.com/honeydharmadart Episode sponsored by www.4Balance.org and www.SelfieStation.com

Release Date: July 12, 2016