Dr. Marissa helps Callers with A New Paradigm for Work and Death


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Show Title: Dr. Marissa helps Callers with A New Paradigm for Work and Death

Description: Another second week of the month Call-in Show where Dr. Marissa helps Balance your life tires and Smog-check your stinking thinking that keeps you stuck and unhappy. Returning caller Lisa from San Diego returns to update Dr. Marissa on the status of her relationship that was plagued with a giant dog and unpleasant weather with a positive outcome after she loved herself enough to express her desires. Her question today asks “what is my purpose in life” as she watches her parents age towards death. Dr. Marissa describes her “better feeling” beliefs about being spiritual beings having a human experience that is expansive and full of the diversity in thoughts feelings and emotions that is not accessible on the other side. It’s a conscious choice born out of being tired of feeling like a victim of a dysfunctional home and never good enough. Lisa is validated on her own unique gift and talent expressed as kindness and reframes the way she sees her current situation. Dana from New York finds a way out of being stuck between knowing her passion as a career and having too many possible paths to take which overwhelm her to the point of being broke and frustrated. Dr. Marissa talks about the balance between throwing the baby out with the bathwater from past work experience and natural gifts expressed in a corporate setting and the importance of business communication to share what your calling is…you can be the best at what you do but if you don’t know how to offer it up, it’s wasted. Dr. Marissa gives her Google homework and advice that she actually does use volunteering to get more experience to bolster her confidence. Episode sponsored by www.GoFundMe.com/hraxlo

Release Date: December 13, 2016