Dr. Marissa helps Callers with Orlando and Moms


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Show Title: Dr. Marissa helps Callers with Orlando and Moms

Description: With the recent devastating shooting in Orlando, caller Sam is feeling helpless while her family is in anguish in Florida as Americans comes to grips with another horrific act of terror. Sam’s question of “why more people don’t meditate so they will move out of the line of fire” leads to the “moose on the table” Balanced Dr. Marissa reality…that trying to understand the un-understandable, asking why, and trying to assign blame keeps us in the anger and hostility that hurts our own body mind spirit and soul. Dr. Marissa uses the analogy of being in a pool of what is good, where there are many in the pool meditating but not being able to see them because our focus is on those outside of the pool watching those who aren’t…as long as we are looking for what’s wrong, we will find exactly that. Caller Dionne is a teen whose appreciation for her mom is shadowed by her mom’s inability to be everything Dionne wants her to be…and Dr. Marissa is amused that her chief complaint is the same as those of her daughters. With Balanced tools of focussing on the good, what is working and radical appreciation, Dionne understands the tough love and is reminded that if it’s not one thing…it’s your mother!! Episode sponsored by www.4Balance.org

Release Date: June 14, 2016