Election AfterMath…Peace with Soraya Deen, Phillipa Sklaar and Dr. Marissa


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Show Title: Election AfterMath…Peace with Soraya Deen, Phillipa Sklaar and Dr. Marissa

Description: Broadcasting Live on Election Day, Dr. Marissa wanted to mark the day not convincing you who the better candidate is…even though Love does Trump Hate 😉 sorry…but to talk about the aftermath…that whatever the result is today, we are going to have to come together and find a way to overcome all of the angry divisive hate themed talk that we have been subjected to and involved in and indignant about and hurt by. So I invited 2 powerful women to join me who know first hand what it is like to be hated and how to rise above and also teach others to collaborate across differences…Soraya Deen is a Lawyer, Author, Communications Strategist, Peace Activist
and Interfaith Consultant and her Jewish BF Philippa Sklaar…an author, speaker and advocate born and raised in South Africa during Apartheid and knows first hand about division and discrimination as her father, the mayor of Johannesburg fought to eliminate racism. She is the co-founder with Soraya of The Women’s Voice Project whose mission is to reduce violence and end bullying by educating and empowering women and all victims of abuse. Moose on the Table questions are asked about Islamophobia, the truth about Muslims, and practical answers to questions like: What do you do when you can’t agree? How do you make peace with others? How do you make peace with yourself? How do you respect someone you don’t like? How do you go along with something or someone you don’t agree with? Episode sponsored by www.4Balance.org and www.ModernDayMillionaire.com.

Release Date: November 3, 2016