How dense are you? Boob talk with Chiqeeta Jameson and Dr. Marissa


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Show Title: How dense are you? Boob talk with Chiqeeta Jameson and Dr. Marissa

Description: It’s a little known fact that I hope to change…that many women are having to suffer through chemo unnecessarily because the current mammogram screening does not catch any cancer cells early enough. If you are or know one of the 80% of Asian women that have dense breast tissue, this Sexual Healing episode, is for you! Women health awareness requires us to stop squeezing our boobs unnecessarily, that mammograms only work well on the 55% women who have fatty breast tissue where tumors show up like a pearl in the Jell-O. Dense breast tissue on the other hand is more like oatmeal and finding a pearl in there is next to impossible. Dr. Kevin Kelly, Breast Radiologist invented Sino Cine in response to seeing that the current screening process misses so many under 10mm tumors which could be easily remedied with lump removal. Instead they are missed until they are too large and require chemo radiation and may even result in death. Breast-cancer could go the way of cervical cancer drastically improving survival rates with early Pap smears. Unfortunately it took 30 years to put that process into place and many women died unnecessarily because of that. Currently 3000 women are dying from breast cancer per month in the United States that’s 40,000 a year WITH mammography. Many could have been avoided with better screening…In China 1.2 million die From Breast cancer.

Release Date: March 28, 2017