Improving Orgasms with Therapist Todd Creager and Dr. Marissa


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Show Title: Improving Orgasms with Therapist Todd Creager and Dr. Marissa

Description: Dr. Marissa’s former personal relationship therapist, who is on the top therapist list with Dr. Phil returns to the studio to talk about how people can improve the quality of their orgasms. From finding remedies for premature ejaculation for men to helping women stay out of their analytical head (sorry pun intended), Todd helps us understand the physical and psychological components of pleasure. Todd also helps find balance in gender differences… For example, men get turned on like a microwave whereas women get turned on like a crock pot, so skill will and timing become equally important variables in the bedroom. The statistic that up to 75% of women rarely or never experience vaginal orgasms comforts Dr. Marissa. Bottom line (sorry) is that everyone deserves to have pleasurable experiences in life…you are worthy enough to communicate and find all your pleasure spots that make you happy! Asian Oprah Giveaway is unlimited tips from

Release Date: February 28, 2017