No Diet Weight Loss with Dr. Linell King on Dr. Marissa


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Show Title: No Diet Weight Loss with Dr. Linell King on Dr. Marissa

Description: Dr. Linell King is an Amazon best-selling author, physician, international speaker, health recovery and weight loss specialist who combines science, behavioral health, and spirituality to transform your life. Dr. Marissa has been a client since the New Year and has successfully released 6 pounds 9 inches largely because of Dr. Lionel’s non-pressure approach with her knowing that she’s a brat… and doesn’t do well when someone tells her what to do! Dr. Lionel explains how “eat less work out more” has it backwards and how to begin the process by undoing belief systems that got us to the way we are now. A renowned internist featured on ABC, NBC, and FOX Dr. King completed his residency at Johns Hopkins University and Sinai Hospital and has been awarded “Most Wellness Focuses Physician” and an Expy Writers award for his #1 Best Selling Mastering Vitality. Dr. King believes the solution to preventing illness is empowering each of us to take responsibility for our own health. The Asian Oprah Giveaway is a free copy of
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Release Date: February 7, 2017