Ramona Bridges talks Mental Health & Homelessness with Dr. Marissa


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Show Title: Ramona Bridges talks Mental Health & Homelessness with Dr. Marissa

Description:Ramona Bridges, author of “Forgive Me My Trespasses” explains to Dr. Marissa how she went from dining at five star hotels to being arrested for trespassing sleeping in the lobby of those same hotels. Ramona and her editor Tashia Asanti help Dr. Marissa explore the complexity of the homeless problem that is affecting Los Angeles, the US and the world. Starting as a hard-working achievement-oriented productive individual to undergoing difficult life situations and then diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Ramona’s firsthand experiences are now helping with the solution with her work on different taskforces–community and statewide, proving that everything happens for a reason. Dr. Marissa puts the “moose on the table” and talks about the perceptions and BS (Belief Systems) that people have about the homeless which continues to contribute to the problems between the police and the community. Ramona’s inspirational true story and recommendations in her book to those who are homeless and to their families, earns her and her editor Dr.Marissa’s Beneficial Presence on the Planet Award.

Release Date: September 6, 2016