Sexual Healing and the Election with Tantric Sexpert Devi Ward and Dr. Marissa


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Show Title: Sexual Healing and the Election with Tantric Sexpert Devi Ward and Dr. Marissa

Description: Sexual Healing with Dr. Marissa, the new Asian Ruth brings back popular co-host Devi Ward (who brought us 11 kinds of orgasms) whose insights on why men like Trump are so disrespectful to women is insightful. Bringing a different balanced perspective after a wee bit of Trump bashing allows the hosts to see the positive side of his comments…helping Americans openly dialogue about some gender issues that may have gone underground since the advent of “political correctness”. Dr. Marissa brings in psychological perspectives like Group Think and organizational and interpersonal effectiveness principles like Valuing Diversity and Matching Intent and Impact. Devi encourages people to not bash but understand that men who have BS or Belief Systems that are so disrespectful come from a wounded place themselves, and are best met with compassion versus hatred. Dr. Marissa takes the ‘harder’ line and asserts that you can’t
‘un-ring’ a bell (thanks Dr. Phil) and that if you have no filters, no impulse control and no self-awareness you might want to shut your front door! Jarvis brings up a great question about women who put themselves in harms way by being attracted to powerful men like Trump and Devi’s upcoming marriage to a gentle man illustrates the need for us women to heal ourselves too! Episode sponsored by the 21 Day Fast from Complaining with Dr. Marissa

Release Date: October 25, 2016