Sexual Healing with CEO Jo Lynn Clemens and Dr. Marissa Pei


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Show Title: Sexual Healing with CEO Jo Lynn Clemens and Dr. Marissa Pei

Description: When her daughter left for college, Risk Manager Jo Lynn Clemens learned that one in three women are assaulted nationwide and that STD’s are spread every 30
seconds (with the largest increase in HIV amongst 14 to 25 year olds). She decided to create a safe sex portal to make dating safer for women and men. XOXY is a
personal risk management tool to increase communication, transparency
and safety within relationships both in person and online. Her work as
been featured on ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS and now with ‘the Asian Oprah’. Dr. Marissa talks about privacy issues, about the helpful nature of the site to make awkward discussions less so (a better alternative to asking in the the throes of chemistry “have you been tested?” and to offer individuals a realistic and important way to protect themselves. Because of Jo Lynn’s work translating her talents in the insurance industry into a process that is good for the planet…and Dr. Marissa’s determination to make Pleasure a G-Rated topic, she is awarded Dr. Marissa’s Beneficial Presence on the Planet Award.
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Release Date: May 31, 2016