Should I Stay or Should I Go…in work and romantic relationships!


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Show Title: Should I Stay or Should I Go…in work and romantic relationships!

Description: It’s another great Call-in episode when Dr. Marissa becomes the ‘kinder gentler Dr. Laura’! Rebecca from LA calls to ask Dr. Marissa about her relationship of six-months and if it’s okay to be upset about not meeting her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend now best friend. Dr. Marissa changes the focus and asks Rebecca to look at her own ability to ask for what she needs, her own point of attraction and if the relationship is balanced if she’s the only one being criticized to grow. Rebecca validates Dr. Marissa’s Incubation Theory of Relationships and Smog Check’s her thinking around what dating and relationships are in shopping for partners in the marketplace, as per teacher and past guest Don Miguel Ruiz (Mastery of Love textbook). The second caller is Chris from Houston Texas, a truck driver with a catastrophic past who now has a choice about his work and money. Using Abraham Hicks principles, Dr. Marissa affirms the good that is Chris and the good in his life and encourages him to open a space to a 3rd possibility beyond the 2 that he is choosing between…to focus on counting his blessing so that he is taking care of his own stress-related illness so that he can open even more choices in his life!

Release Date: May 16, 2017