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All About Indigos

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Do you feel like you were born on the wrong planet? Do you feel like you don’t fit in or no one understands you? Do you find that the systems of the world frustrate you and feel foreign? Do you feel like you have a special mission that has not yet been discovered? Are you highly sensitive to the energies and people around you? Are you searching for your tribe? It’s most likely you are an indigo and we have created this show for you!!

All About Indigo’s celebrates our individuality, collective spiritual mission and defining our true place and purpose of ushering in this new paradigm. Listen to Candace and Kristie speak as they share about their journeys and wisdom of what it means to be an Indigo in todays world. Together they will help you awaken to your true divine nature.

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Kristie Reeves is the author of the books “The 30 Day Prosperity Program”, “The Prosperity Program Workbook”, and the children book “The fabulous Adventures of Joel the Squirrel.”  She’s also the producer of the documentary series “The Children of the Rainbow” and the recently released film “The Smallest Vessel”.

Kristie speaks internationally on self empowerment and finding your calling.  After being a dancer, actress and musical theater performer for many years, Kristie fell in love with film production.  She also went through three years of studying different healing modalities and learning about how changing your unconscious belief can help you create the reality you desire.

When her late Auntie shared with her the existence of indigos, Kristie immediately recognized herself as an indigo and knew it was her mission to bring this work into the world.

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Candace van Dell is a Spiritual Entreprenuer, Speaker, and Author of Spiritual Fitness Workbook and her forthcoming coming book Indigo In The Know.  She has a very popular youtube channel called TruthRoom TV where she teaches about awakening and the new paradigm.  Candace is a regular blogger for the Huffington Post and educates about self healing around the world.  After many years as an actress and model Candace stepped into her souls work and got her Masters in Spiritual Psychology.

Candace has studied Universal laws since she was a young teen and today is passionate about teaching those laws and helping people access a connection to their true authentic selves.  Candace launched SOUL LAB, a 6 week online course to empower healers and highly sensitive people of all ages to align their lives with the wisdom of their hearts.

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