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Join host Carolyn Hennesy and her wide variety of co-hosts and guests as they explore the state, positive and negative, of animal care, conservation and preservation in today’s world.  This show will be a realistic look at the benefits of zoos and sanctuaries, the need for species-wide positive reinforcement training, alternatives to poaching for taboo treasures, heroes of the conservation community, and myths of animal care.  The show will also cover tangential topics such as veganism, pheromones and the faux-fur debate as well as highlighting those heroes at the vanguard and controversial villains.  This show is for anyone anywhere who cares for creatures great and small, spotlighting exactly what a single voice can do to make a difference in the lives of animals and, ultimately, in the evolution of society and the planet.

 Carolyn Hennesy Biography:

94 - FINAL
Hennesy joined Alan Ball’s critically acclaimed HBO series TRUE BLOOD for the fifth season and dazzled as the deliciously vicious “Rosalyn Harris,” fast becoming a fan favorite on the sleek vampires-meet-world saga. 

Prior to TRUE BLOOD, Hennesy was best known for her memorable work as “Barbara Coman” on ABC’s COUGAR TOWN and for her Emmy nominated run as “Diane Miller” on ABC’s GENERAL HOSPITAL.  Kids across America also know her as the hilariously haughty Mrs. Chesterfield on Disney Channel’s JESSIE.  On the big screen, Hennesy’s credits include CLICK starring Adam Sandler, LEGALLY BLONDE 2 with Reese Witherspoon, and TERMINATOR 3 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Hennesy has trained and performed both nationally and internationally, receiving many accolades and honors in her over-thirty years of life in the industry.

Hennesy’s other endeavors also include a successful career as a writer. She created the wildly popular “Pandora” (Bloomsbury USA) children’s book series as well as penned the New York Times Bestseller “The Secret Life of Damian Spinelli” (Hyperion).

These days, however, when not on set, Hennesy has become a staunch animal advocate; her primary focus is elephants, which she has studied, filmed and fought for over the past four years, but her four rescue animals (three dogs, one cat) will also attest that she’s a lover and protector of smaller creatures as well. She has, most recently, lent her efforts to the documentary “Elephant In The Room,” which addresses the need for Positive Reinforcement Training of all animals (as opposed to abusive training) and is spearheading an interactive enrichment program for the elephants at the L.A. Zoo.  In addition, she is privileged to lend her time and talent to a number of causes including caring for our wounded warriors and fitness for kids. She lives in her native Los Angeles with Liza Jane, Arbuckle, Sophie Tucker and Buster, the Wonder Cat.

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