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The Unconventional Duo: Dr Shirley and Medium Kellee White

Two Perspectives; One World


Shirley Impellizzeri, Ph.D.


Media Personality

 Bestselling Author

 Self-Made Gal

8f9dcd_2b689012bb5f4cc69b877ac841a2d019.jpg_srz_p_345_350_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Dr. Shirley, Ph.D. is arguably the highest profile Latina psychologist in America. She is a frequent guest expert on TV (The Doctors, Dr. Drew’s On Call, Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab, VH1’s Hollywood Execs, Bravo’s Work Out) and the author of the bestselling WHY CAN’T I CHANGE? How to Conquer Your Self-Destructive Patterns.  She has contributed to several print publications including the premiere issue of COSMO Latina magazine and has graced the cover of Woman’s World magazine.

 Aside from her private Beverly Hills practice, Dr. Shirley is an in demand executive coach. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies including FOX, Mitsubishi, and JPL.

 Born in LA, Dr. Shirley is an entirely self-made woman. While attending high school in her parents’ native Argentina, she discovered a deep interest in psychology. Her intrigue led to earning a doctorate  in Psychology from UCLA.




Kellee White, M.A., LMFT

IMG_0451Kellee White is a licensed Psychotherapist and Clairvoyant Medium, practicing with celebrities, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, politicians as well as individuals, couples and families in her Beverly Hills, CA office. Her specialties involve her work with trauma, loss, grief counseling, changes and transitions, and fear of death. A major goal of Kellee’s therapy is to heal the soul which may include receiving a message from a loved one who has passed on to the other side. Also, Kellee works with individuals and groups to further enhance the growth of their soul. An hour with Kellee might well be the most exciting, informative, healing hour of your life!

A native of Los Angeles, Kellee climbed the corporate ladder in the food industry as a senior executive. The Universe intervened in 2000 when Kellee suffered a traumatic brain injury that changed her life forever. Completely confused and not comprehending what was happening, Kellee found herself seeing and talking to “dead people.” Understanding her newly found gift and the journey she embarked upon is the subject of her nearly completed book. To further enhance her ability to help others she returned to graduate school and received her Master’s in Psychology with an emphasis on marriage family therapy.