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Everyone has a need for marketing know-how and everyone has their “bag”! We like to bring it to you in a completely unplugged and unscripted way – basically NO boring Q&A! Our eclectic mix of entrepreneurs and marketing experts share their personal stories, expertise, talent, and dreams!   There is never a dull moment as Wendi can even make sourcing boxes engaging, entertaining and valuable.  Co-host John Hamilton, keeps Wendi on track and focused as her creative energy, and strong opinions, are often out-of- this-world.   Notable guests such as  artists, authors, actors, supply chain, brand experts, product engineers, entrepreneurs, singers song-writers, producers are just a few of the past guest that can be found on iTunes under C Spot Talk [Marketing] Unfiltered

Wendi Cooper Biography:

Wendi Cooper is the founder and CEO of C Spot Run Direct, a leading direct response campaign consulting firm; a 20-year veteran of direct response television and marketing as well as on-screen talent.  She is the recipient of 15 Telly Awards for her work in film and video for D2C products. Throughout her 20 years of experience as a direct response television specialist, Wendi has carefully honed her expertise in end-to-end campaign consulting. This gives Wendi an intimate 360-degree view of everything from creative development to customer retention management (CRM) and supply chain. She also knows mobile and digital inside and out, successfully delivering favorable levels of measurable and engagement. Using each client’s identity as a guide, she takes full advantage of every touch point as a chance to prove each brand is the best in the marketplace. Hybrid direct response spots, with Wendi’s signature creative positioning have grossed over 500 million dollars.

Wendi is the creative arm of C Spot Run Direct, C Spot Run Productions writes, directs and produces hybrid direct response D2C and B2C commercials and corporate videos. CSRP has developed remarkably successful campaigns, that include television commercials, corporate docu-stories, testimonial interviews, and direct response radio commercials. The primary goal is to simultaneously engage the consumer, drive response, build brand equity, and deliver immediately measurable ROI. Since 1997, CSRP’s creative work helped its brands gross over $3 billion worldwide in fitness, beauty, personal care, nutritional supplements, home entertainment and household products.

Wendi is known for her advocacy for the Inventor, having created many outstanding programs based on education, opportunity and a safe forum that have spawned the ever trending Inventor shows.  All of Wendi’s work with Inventors is philanthropic.

John Hamilton Biography:

John Hamilton started his career in Public Relations in London over 10 years ago.  Since that time John has worked with major beauty, luxury and fashion brands such as Blue Lagoon Iceland, Caesarstone and Black Orchid Denim. Currently Co-Host of “Living Unfiltered” he spends his days as a trusted personal confidant and handler to a famous young woman.  (No we can not tell you who.)  John’s temperament, talent, humor and soulful connection with people is what makes him exceptional at PR.  Graduating from Chapman University is only the foundation of his expertise; to be a successful publicist is your “contacts” of influential and trusted relationships, and at 30 yrs. old John has that in spades.  John is who you want to know when it comes to Hollywood’s sandbox of Big Glasses, Red Carpets, Cool Charities, Swag Bags, and…RadioTV .



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