About the Show

World renowned psychic Char Margolis hosts this hour-long weekly radio/web show exploring all things metaphysical, spiritual, & paranormal. Featuring special guests, psychic readings, and alternative healers, Char helps the audience understand and connect with the spirit world, enhancing their own intuition and enlightenment.  Join Char on the journey of discovery and personal growth that is CharVision!


Char Margolis Biography:

Char SliderWorld renowned psychic and medium Char Margolis’s mantra is to make a difference in every life she touches. For over 4 decades, Char has tirelessly devoted her life to helping people overcome their fears: Fear of death by letting people know we DO see our loved ones on the other side; Fear of living by teaching people to use their intuition to prevent problems and reach their goals. Char has been (and continues to be) a ratings grabber on TV talk shows across the globe for the last 40 years. Char’s best-selling books have been translated into multiple languages, and her incredibly successful primetime television shows in the Netherlands resulted in Char being dubbed “The God-Mother of Spirituality”. Check out for more about Char.