Connecting to Spirit and Your Guides with Medium Christine Seebold

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Connecting to Spirit and Your Guides with Medium Christine Seebold

Mondays at 5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST

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Christine Seebold has been a psychic/medium for over 40 years. Christine’s grandmother was a psychic and guided her and helped her to strengthen her abilities. As a lifelong medium with genuine psychic abilities, she has been speaking with people who have crossed over since she was 2 years old. Christine was too young to know that what she could do was something special that only a select few individuals are capable of doing. To her it all seemed natural because her abilities were revealed to her at such an early age.

As she grew up, she began using her gift to help people find answers to important life questions they need guidance and direction her. As the genuine psychic medium her clients trust her, as they can see that she is committed to providing the closure, direction, and guidance people need to move forward with their life in a more positive light.

Christine can be heard on 102.3, 98.3, and 103.1 in the Albany NY area. Friday nights you can find Christine at Spirit Tree connection in Latham NY doing gallery readings. Christine is listed on Bob Olson’s best psychic mediums site, this is very prestigious as all psychic and mediums listed on this site have been thoroughly tested. Christine has helped the police with locating a missing woman and many other cases. Christine is currently working on her first book and is also coming out with her own deck of tarot cards. Christine has an app in the apple store and google play!