About the Show

“We are all Rare Women. You’ve just got to SEE what’s rare and beautiful about you!”

Fridays at 4pm on Channel 2


Two outspoken, career women host Rare Woman. They share the same parents and are two sides of the same coin. A forum for conversation both dipped in worldly ideas and thoughts and draped in Godly faith and understanding. Whatever the topic La Roya and Vivienne each bring their own Rare Woman point of view. Their most passionate topics include women, couples (married or single), teens, children and relative topics of the day. They invite callers to speak openly about their experiences, thoughts or feelings from today’s (perhaps unknowing- yet) Rare women!

La Roya V. Jordan MA. Ed. Biography:

La Roya V. Jordan, MA. Ed. is a native of Los Angeles, California and currently the Pastor of Christian Education, where for the past eleven years she has successfully coordinated and managed twenty-one adult and children faith based ministries, in Inglewood, California. La Roya is a well organized, highly disciplined, and results-oriented professional who is self-motivated with a high degree and regard for reaching adults, teens and children alike. Therefore, along with many other duties she is often called upon to counsel or give advice to students, parents and co-workers because of her heart of compassion.

Ms. Jordan’s greatest joy comes from her husband Ralph of 27 years and their four daughters. She has always told her daughters, “Two things will never change as you grow up #1 You will always be female and #2 You will always have to represent your father and I. Therefore, at all times, “think” before you do anything, because I have a straight line of open communication with God and He will make sure I hear about it!!!”

Vivienne Leigh Biography:

Vivienne Leigh is an entrepreneur and CEO. Since receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree from Long Beach State University, she has established seven successful businesses. Her talents span from novelist, to event coordinator, to talent manager, to accountant and beyond. Often traveling with clients, Vivienne can be found from one coast to the next on any given day. She is currently attending the University of Phoenix to receive her master’s degree in business and finance. Still, none of her ventures play a backseat to another.

Being the mother of an adult daughter, Vivienne is also a teacher, counselor, friend and confidante. These are perhaps her favorite roles. She lives in Los Angeles with her lovable dog “Ricky” where you may often find her say, “We are all Rare Women. You’ve just got to SEE what’s rare and beautiful about you”.