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Culture Chronicles with Shad


Rashad Cobb is host of UBN’S radio show “Culture Chronicles with Shad”.


Rashad was born and raised in Gardena, Ca. Rashad was educated in the catholic school system from K-8 at St. Lawrence of Brindisi School in Los Angeles, Ca., 9th & 10th grade at Bishop Montgomery High School in Torrance, Ca. then transitioned to West High School in Torrance, Ca. where he completed the remainder of his high school education.  From the age of three, Rashad took an interest in the sport of Basketball and it became a dream of his to play professionally. He participated in other sports but basketball was/is his passion. Throughout his entire 12 years of education, Rashad excelled in this sport and was an outstanding “student-athlete”. He not only played basketball but as a teen began coaching a youth basketball team. Rashad also developed the passion of writing, public speaking and working with youth. At an early age Rashad was presented with several opportunities to deliver speeches at school and church, writing plays as well as participating in them and inspiring other youth to overcome their fears of speaking. Rashad was a natural at public speaking. One year, Rashad’s church decided to perform a “Radio Show” skit in which Rashad played the character of the radio show host. He received great feedback from his performance and the most common feedback was “you were a natural up there”. It was then that Rashad and his parents realized his gift and talent in this area. This became part of his dream.


During high school Rashad knew early on what his college major would be and had some idea of what career to choose. His love for sports coupled with his love for writing & communications led him to the decision to attend college as a Journalism-Communications major with hopes of eventually gaining a career in Sports Communications via TV or Radio. After graduating high school Rashad began his college education at California State University Dominguez Hills. Rashad is currently in college working towards his B.A. in Journalism-Communications.


Once Rashad started college, he was presented with the opportunity by a friend/college-mate to periodically co-host a radio show on the college campus. In the past year Rashad had the great opportunity to guest co-host on another UBN talk show. It was then that Rashad was inspired to follow his dream of becoming a TV Journalist or Radio Personality. Although his initial plan was to gear towards Sports Radio or TV, he’s been inspired to expand that vision even further by starting his own radio show to create a platform to encourage, inform and inspire youth. Rashad has always had a heart to encourage and inspire other youth so the opportunity to birth “Culture Chronicles with Shad” is a great start to fulfilling his vision, his purpose.