Dates & Mates With Damona Hoffman

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Dates and Mates

with Damona Hoffman

Every Thursday @ 11am PST
Channel 1

Dates & Mates is all about love in the modern world.  The weekly show features a variety of experts on love and relationships as well as celebrity guests who share juicy details about their love lives and advise listeners about romance.

Damona Hoffman Biography:

A former TV executive & casting director, Damona Hoffman uses her knowledge about personal branding and the art of the pitch to help singles attract the love they want. She was the first dating coach in California to be certified by the International Dating Coaching Association and has been nominated as iDate’s Best Dating Coach of 2014 and 2016. Damona has made hundreds of media appearances on a variety of outlets including Sirius XM, Fox, NBC, CBS, and is the host and dating expert of the FYI TV series, #BlackLove. !

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22020973076_95cbc19d6b_kRay Christian is the founder and CEO of Textpert. He’s originally from Washington, DC where he worked as a CPA and business development executive. After years in the corporate world he founded Textpert as a platform for young adults to get relationship advice from anonymous friends. Ray built the company from scratch and in the process became an expert in the dating world and social media. He has been featured in Huffington Post, BuiltInLA, and many other outlets.