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Deborah Kobylt


 Deborah Kobylt

Deborah loves to laugh.  She’s curious.  Her mom said her first word was “why?”  And she’s still asking why…

Deborah started her broadcasting career at a small NBC station in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where she covered local politics, news, entertainment and was also the weekend anchor.  That’s also where she met friend and fellow journalist Ana Garcia.  After moving on to NJN/WNET in NJ/NY, Deborah was offered a job at KCAL-TV in Los Angeles.  She moved on to KTTV, Ch. 11 in L.A., followed by a correspondent’s job at CNN Los Angeles.  At CNN, Deborah covered  every type of local and national news event from earthquakes to fires, blizzards to riots.  She moved on to the entertainment division where she went behind the scenes at the Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammy’s and anything entertainment and celebrity related.  She says being a journalist is like being a film maker.  Every day she gets to experience what most people don’t, and gets to write and document those stories for other people to hear and watch.  She considers journalism to be one of the most honorable of professions.

 Deborah is married to John Kobylt, a nationally known talk show host on L.A.’s KFI-Radio “The John and Ken Show.”  They have three sons.  When she’s not working, Deborah enjoys hiking, biking, boating, travel, writing and theater.  She’s involved in many charitable organizations, including Global Girl Media, The Roar Foundation and Covenant House.  She also enjoys teaching journalism and getting young women to find their voice through writing.