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Welcome to Financial Sanity Now with Host Allen Lissauer! We hope you’ve brought stories to share, and are ready to tell us HOW ANGRY YOU ARE! Every Wednesday night at 5PM PST tune into Channel 1 to get educated on the topics today that are causing people to live stuck in debt! We know you’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers! Allen has had it with companies/other organizations taking advantage of the little guy, all because they don’t have access to the kind of information that could honestly change their lives’! Listen in, but don’t forget this is a call-in/text-in show, ask Allen yourself all the questions you can think of when it comes to today’s consumer issues, mortgage issues, credit issues; even the smallest issue you can think of is something we want to hear about! He is here to bring you the information that you need so that you can go home, start taking some action to begin living a debt free life! Special guests will be featured on various shows to give different perspectives on some of Allen’s weekly topics. This is a show you don’t want to miss!

Allen Lissauer: Behind the Scenes:

A little behind the man who’s helping shed some light on all the financial madness going on around us.

Allen Lissauer holds an MBA from New York University, where he focused on Business Law and Management. During the early years of his professional career he worked as a Business Consultant for well known Wall Street companies, which gave Allen a base knowledge of various trading and business practices. He’s also familiar with the inner workings of the baking industry, which has led him to negotiating hundreds of deals that have helped save people’s homes’ and lives’!

In 2006 Allen’s life was forever changed, what seemed as the worst possible event that could happen to him, turned out to be the opportunity of a lifetime.  When crossing a street near his home, a reckless driver on his cell phone hit Allen! As it turned out the driver had no insurance, leaving Allen in even greater trouble. He turned his negative situation around, and has dedicated the rest of his life since, to pay it forwards to other’s in need!

His road to recovery was far from easy, as Allen recalls “I was confined to a wheelchair for almost two years. By this time the housing and financial crisis was at its worst in 2008, I was deeply in debt, with a mortgage in jeopardy.” He sympathizes with so many other Americans who have been dealt with a handful of medical debt, on top of equity debt that is barely being paid off. For people who are living paycheck to paycheck, another major bill could be the difference between living in their dream home to either having to downsize—or worse, FORECLOSE ON THEIR HOMES!

Allen reached a point where a change had to be made, he remembers “I had to remedy the situation and there was no perfect answer, no clear path. I focused on my mortgage first and was able to negotiate a great modification. This allowed me to keep my house. My next focus was my debt and working out agreements that would get my own financial future in order. This was a very scary time, but once I made the decision to find solutions, I felt relieved. This made it possible to continue the next stages of my recovery from the accident in my own home! I discovered that indecision will never lead to financial freedom. I also learned that asking for advice was essential to recovery of all kinds –physical and financial! My story of financial hardship is now bring repeated with millions of families. The details may be different, but the solutions are the same. Seed advice and take action!”

Allen started out by fixing his own problems, which has lead him to making a living out of doing the same for others in need. He has made a business out of helping others and changing lives! Tune is Wednesday Nights at 5PM PST, bring your stories to share with Allen, bring your questions, bring any bit of information you think anyone else listening needs to hear! Because let us tell you that if you need to hear it right now, someone else out there probably does to, so let’s unite, and be the voice for those who feel voiceless in America today!

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