FOCUS with Ron Frierson

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 with Ron Frierson

Politics, Current Events, and Social Commentary

FOCUS is a dynamic issue-driven program offering intelligent discussion on a variety of topics including Politics, Business, and Pop Culture. Ronnie Frierson offers a  new refreshing voice to our audience. He was first introduced to UBN as regular contributor on Champion’s Row Sports. His keen insight and experience in business, politics, and entertainment along with exciting guest interviews will entertain and enlighten.



Ron Frierson has a diverse background and unique life experiences that helped shape his worldviews. He is a true renaissance man with an internationalist’s eye for nuisance and perspective.

His professional achievements span corporate, governmental, entertainment, and community service sectors. He is a former international professional athlete having spent time in Australia and France. Ron’s intellectual and conversationalist heroes include Fareed Zakaria, Charlie Rose, and Bill Maher.

FOCUS will offer intelligent, straight talk on intriguing topics affecting our world and communities. Special guests will add perspective, insight, and entertainment for our audience.

Callers are welcome to join the conversation!


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