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Hang with our Geeky hosts Kevin S. Michaels and Erik A. Williams, for the adventurous radio program on the Universal Broadcasting Network called, Friend or Foe — where special guests tell hilarious stories about their experiences maneuvering through the Entertainment Industry — straight from the life of actors, directors, animators, comedians, musicians and industry insiders!

The guests reveal the weirdest thing they ever got offered, a random encounter (that may have not have gone as well as they’d like) or a passion project that never quite reached fruition. Comedy and laughs abound as they share how absurd Hollywood can be!

Expect the unexpected as we mix it up with input from our listeners, with fun games, sketch comedy, true TMZ-style stories and loads of wacky surprises on Friend or Foe.

Kevin Sean Michaels is an entertainer and director who was born and raised in New York City. He is known for acting, producing and directing films and his tenure at Troma Entertainment. Michaels produced and directed Vampira: The Movie and The Wild World of Ted V.Mikels. Michaels practices Transcendental Meditation and worked with David Lynch on the documentary on the subject, “Beyond The Noise.” Michaels is currently studying at The Groundlings, and in production on a project on the legacy of comedian Andy Kaufman.



Erik A. Williams is a professional actor and voice over performer who hails from Centralia, IL. He is known for his for his wacky comedic characters and nuanced dramatic roles including playing a trans woman in the Lynchian film Johnny Be Gone from director Trevor Juenger. His Amish character Jebediah has been celebrating Rumspringa on NBC, FOX, and even with the Free the Nipple movement on Venice Beach. He will be starring in his own series “Amish Paradise” inspired by the song by “Weird Al” Yankovic.