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Global Recovery Today
with Tyson Elliott

Every Wednesday @ 7pm Pacific

Global Recovery Today is a principle based collective committed to investigating and discussing evidence based treatments for addiction and its root causes.

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Tyson is one of a growing number of people dedicated to investigating the benefits of psychedelics in treating a variety of conditions. He works with plant and other natural medicines and alternative and traditional modalities in the treatment for a wide range of conditions including depression, PTSD, addiction and other mental, physical, psychological and social disorders. Tyson has worked on his own recovery since he was in his teens and has experienced traditional inpatient, outpatient and 12 step recovery programs. His honest and insightful approach allows for an “eyes wide open” discussion of all that’s possible as we move forward into a new paradigm of healing. He aspires to help uncover and treat the root causes of our dis-ease as apposed to just addressing the symptoms.