Happy Hour with Ben & Alexander

About the Show

Happy Hour with Ben and Alexander – hosted by the comedy duo Benjamin Viele and Alexander Rodriguez, this is an irreverent take on Hollywood, reality TV, current events, fashion and news.  All in good fun, nothing is off limits – especially when the two are enjoying their happy hour drinks.  With sassy special guests, audience call ins, Moms’ checkins, and surprise performances by its hosts, this show is a perfect compliment to the duo’s blog and YouTube reality show.

Benjamin Viele Biography:

Benjamin Viele comes to UBN Radio with years of experience and involvement in the fashion, theater, music, and nightlife from New York to Los Angeles.  He started his journey to Hollywood from a very small town called, Illiopolis, IL.   Setting out to make his mark on the world, Benjamin has seen and been a part of it all.  His passion and love for the business has led him to dream, imagine, and create Sa Sa Productions.  A company he co-created with best friend, business partner, and Co-Host Alexander Rodriguez.  He now juggles many projects within his own company and could not be happier to be a part of the UBN RADIO Family!  And remember, “If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme.”  A quote that has inspired Benjamin to keep pursing his career within this wonderful world of Entertainment and to never give up on his dreams and always keep creating!

Alexander Rodriguez Biography:

 Being a trouble maker from the womb, Alexander hails from the ultra conservative Orange County. Glad to break free with strong wings given to him by his mother (a.k.a. Momma Rose), he is happy to find a home for his voice with the UBN family. He has enjoyed a varied career in the theatre, music and even banking. Always a proponent of happy hour, he is happy to have found his cohort and partner in crime at a happy hour in West Hollywood –  Benjamin Viele. Together they run Sa Sa Productions, a production company with many exciting projects in the works. In his free time, he enjoys hang gliding with the Dali Lama, feeding the lepers in Calcutta and going shopping with the Housewives of Beverly Hills. In 2014 he and Ben completed a 2.937 mile filmed drive-a-thon through the States benefiting the American Cancer Society.  He continues to perform as a singer and has recently performed at Ryan O’Connor’s Musical Mondays, An Evening of Classic Broadway and an almost sold out crowd at Rockwell Table and Stage with his one man show, I’ll Drink to That.  He longs for the day when Patti Lupone will retract that restraining order.


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