It’s Time To Talk

About the Show

It’s Time To Talk 

with Dedra and April

Saturdays at 5pm PT



IT’S TIME TO TALK is hosted by sisters, April Jorden and Dedra Jorden. Their mission is to encourage, uplift and re-awaken the spirit of hope in humankind. With their fun-loving personalities, April and Dedra explore topics that can help you create a better life for you and your family.  IT’S TIME TO TALK has interviews with celebrities, motivators, entrepreneurs and influencers. They also highlight people who are “using their God-power for good” by helping those in need and giving back. Join the conversation Saturdays at 5pm PT.

 April Jorden Biography:

April Jorden is a Co-Host and Producer on IT’S TIME TO TALK.  April was born in Los Angeles and raised in Long Beach, California.  April gained a love of entertainment early in her life by watching her parents perform all over the South-Western United States with their 7 piece R&B band.  A self-described ‘Band Brat’ she and her two siblings often attended their parents’ rehearsals and shows. April loved watching her parents perform and she knew they loved what they did.  Watching her parents’ chosen career path taught April that it wasn’t just okay to follow your dreams, it was necessary.

April decided to follow in her parent’s footsteps and formed an R&B trio with her sister and a friend.  April’s singing group wanted to help change the world with their voices so they wrote and produced inspirational songs about loving yourself, believing in yourself and following your dreams.  The group enjoyed a successful 10-year run performing at Industry Insider Parties, Special Events and Award Shows.

When the group disbanded, April became an entrepreneur partnering with companies that gave back to social causes.  April uses her radio show, IT’S TIME TO TALK,  as a creative outlet for her socially conscious spirit. She is grateful for the opportunity to again use her voice to help others.

Debra Jorden-Harris Biography:

Dedra Jorden is a Co-Host and Producer on IT’S TIME TO TALK Radio Show.

Dedra is a Long Beach, California native who comes from a family of entertainers. Dedra was captivated by the entertainment bug at a young age. When she was in the 6th grade she performed in a school talent show with some friends. She also learned the arts of dance in ballet, tap and modern jazz. She took drama and acting classes in the performing arts. As these classes required public speaking she quickly adapted. Dedra’s calm demeanor, positive attitude and smiling personality have always drawn people to her. When she was a young teen she held Bible study classes in front of her home with a circle of neighborhood kids. Dedra has always desired a platform to inspire, uplift and encourage people to be better and treat other people better.

Dedra has hosted live shows for independent artist and music companies and was a member of a R&B/Pop group with her sister and friend that lasted about 10 years. Dedra’s experience in music, television, radio and film allows the opportunity to use her own power for good on IT’S TIME TO TALK and confirms that she is in line with her own destiny.