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Sunday at 4pm PST

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Please join Dr. Ann Love from the Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, CA (ION TV’s “The Love Doctor” and Staff Sundays from 2:00 to 3:00 pm for eye opening, real uncensored live talk

Dr. Love is a therapist located in Newport Beach, CA.  She is a former Professor of Hematology and Scientist. Her background in Special Chemistry and Toxicology is from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Heslth. She is the founder of The Love Clinic Inc. A Behavioral Therapy Clinic that has a warm and personal touch.

Guests of the clinic walk into beautiful surroundings with soft flutes playing, the sounds of cascading water from the fountain, while the fragrance of healing (aroma therapy) fills the air with soothing thoughts that relieves all tension and anxiety as our guests enter into another place and time, out of the world of pressure, stress and emotional pain.

Dr. Love and her husband Ron are known for their hilariously funny Relationship Therapy Comedy Routines and for her guest appearances on talk shows, reality shows and sitcoms. She specializes in Celebrity Therapy, which is emergency intervention for public figures (including athletes). The “TLC MOBILE services clients that meet certain criteria. Her books include: Love Potion #9, False Male Personality, and Daddy Love

We are here to help, heal and love… TLC The Love Clinic gives Tender, Love and Caring

Call in and be on the show 323.843.2826 or listen on your smart phone at UBNRadio.ccm and experience these beautifully funny, exhilarating and motivating SOCAL Community Radio Rap Sessions. You will hear “What is the Love Potion #9 Effect?” “What is The False Male Personality?” We Interview Celebrities, Authors, talk about current events, we give book and movie reviews, we connect you to the people you want know and much much more…

Money doesn’t heal a broken heart. We watch people even our celebrities dying younger every day. You can make a difference, save a friend save a life – call The Love Clinic, ‘Love Line’ at 949-903-8297.Visit us at where you can follow us at Facebook, Twitter and  Instagram @lovedocadio or email us at

Meet our staff: Ron Hunt (V.P. & CFO), Carol Poulos (Executive Director), Angela Smith (COO), Rey Hunt (TV & Radio Production), Brook Smith (Dr. Love’s Personal Assistant), Heather Hunt (Social Media Administrator) and Perfecta Arteaga (TV & Radio Production)


Dr. Ann Love From The Love Clinic Inc 


Ron Hunt – Chief Financial  Officer and Editor

Angela Smith – Chief Operating Officer and Talk Show Commentator

Carol Poulos –  Executive Director and Talk Show Commentator

Rey Hunt – Film Maker from USC and Talk Show Commentator

Book Smith – Personal Assistant and Administrator for Dr Love

Perfecta Arteaga – Master Control Technician, Editor and Story Boards

Lawrence Smith – Talk Show.Commentator

Heather Hunt – Social Media Administrator