About the Show


Tuesdays 11am pacific
Channel 1

The show is about turning a loss/losses into profound; a positive action, movement, brand, lifestyle, foundation. I’ve gone through multiple losses in my life and have turned them to profound and as a Registered Nurse, I’ve cared for people going through loss and I’ve helped people through the process. I have experiential and professional information to share with the audience.

On Air, I will be interviewing a guest about their loss and how they turned it/are turning it to something Profound (positive). We will be discussing everything about loss and becoming profound so that the audience will learn how to turn their loss into something PROFOUND.

Every content, I’ll share on air will aim to enlighten and remove the taboo around loss.  The interviews will educate and engage the audience as they listen to me and my guest reveal and relate with them how we have dealt with loss. The audience will learn how to turn negative circumstance into positive from a multidisciplinary, a professional perspective and from people like them. It will include guests from all demographics; it doesn’t matter what gender, age, culture, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, educational background, education, skill set, talent and gift.

LOSS is a universal part of life and at some point in life, we all go through loss. This will be a forum to learn how to deal with it for an optimal living. On the show, we will talk about the day to day challenges of living with loss with people who are living with loss and living better. There will be no holding back. Topics will range from ordinary tasks to difficult decisions.


Val emigrated from Nigeria to United States to pursue his dream, but took a detour when he volunteered at a local hospital. He spent the next few years, pursing a benevolent career, earned a Bachelor degree in Nursing, and ongoing Master’s Degree in Anesthesia and worked in various areas in the healthcare from inpatient care such as Cardiothoracic Intensive care, postoperative care, and emergency to out-patient care and case management. As a Registered Nurse, Val also became a community advocate for mental health, became a field Ambassador for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention as a field Ambassador and currently Co-Chairperson for the Out of Darkness Pasadena Walk, he will be coordinating 10 different committees for a 600+ person yearly walk to promote suicide prevention and mental health awareness. As natural talent Val enjoyed the privilege of being creative, thanks to his parents who fostered his natural talents; he became an avid lover of all things Music, TV, Film and Theatre. Val knew his dream was to connect with people in a different manner, a manner most natural to him, whether it was with his patients at the hospital or his audience on stage or behind the screen it was the same deep human connection that hears, sees and empathizes with whatever and whoever he’s in contact with.

Val took a detour, but he never lost sight of his dream, a dream that has become a commitment to himself, his late brother, family, patient, audience and community. Val founded Lostandprofoundtv LLC, an entertainment network and brand where people who have learned how turn their loss into something profound will share with others how they did it. The goal is to entertain, educate, engage, enlighten and empower others. Lostandprofoundtv is the home of Val’s Show on You Tube called, “In the Loop with Val” and his upcoming UBN radio show, “Loss to Profound.” It will also be the home for Val’s upcoming Motivational and Inspirational books, Movies, TV-shows. Val has honed his craft by training with the likes of Gregory Berg from Yale Repertoire for Acting, James Patterson for Fiction Writing, Jack Canfield for Motivational Coaching, Dov Simens for Film/TV Directing and Marki Costello of CMEG-BecomeAHost for TV/Radio-Hosting. He is also a Self-taught Screenwriter, Poet and philosopher. When Val’s not doing any of the above, his enjoys soccer, painting, volunteering and socializing with friends. Val’s voracious passion for human condition and love for people in general is part of what defines him and drives him beyond challenges of being the first generation immigrant, a clinician and an artist. Val believes in living life and becoming a solution through giving and love. As the last child in a successful and educated family of six, now five; lostandprofoundtv was inspired by the death his late brother who shared Val’s dream of coming to America, but died in a car accident a month before his departure.

Val is grounded by his successes and humbling experiences, he understands that he is just a vessel for his spirit to express and contribute to the society and world through his passion, talent and gift. Newly single at 40 from a recent divorce, Val values companionship and spiritual understanding. He believes those two create lasting happiness.
In his words, “When we are one with our spirit, making decisions about love, business, creatives, and health becomes a simple process.” Val hopes to continue bringing crispiness, freshness, and profoundness to any platform he is on; be it TV, Film, Theater, On-Air, Creative writing or to his patients in the hospital and to lawmakers when he’s advocating for mental health reforms.