About the Show


Tuesdays 11am pacific
Channel 1

The show is about turning a loss/losses into profound; a positive action, movement, brand, lifestyle, foundation. I’ve gone through multiple losses in my life and have turned them to profound and as a Registered Nurse, I’ve cared for people going through loss and I’ve helped people through the process. I have experiential and professional information to share with the audience.

On Air, I will be interviewing a guest about their loss and how they turned it/are turning it to something Profound (positive). We will be discussing everything about loss and becoming profound so that the audience will learn how to turn their loss into something PROFOUND.

Every content, I’ll share on air will aim to enlighten and remove the taboo around loss.  The interviews will educate and engage the audience as they listen to me and my guest reveal and relate with them how we have dealt with loss. The audience will learn how to turn negative circumstance into positive from a multidisciplinary, a professional perspective and from people like them. It will include guests from all demographics; it doesn’t matter what gender, age, culture, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, educational background, education, skill set, talent and gift.

LOSS is a universal part of life and at some point in life, we all go through loss. This will be a forum to learn how to deal with it for an optimal living. On the show, we will talk about the day to day challenges of living with loss with people who are living with loss and living better. There will be no holding back. Topics will range from ordinary tasks to difficult decisions.


Val came to the United States to pursue his dreams. Unclear at the time, the path to his dream was charted when he volunteered at a local hospital and the rest was history.

Val has come to wear many hats since then; from becoming a registered nurse to a radio talk show host, podcaster, a producer, an actor, an author, entrepreneur, a thought leader and proud United States Citizen.


His passion for the human condition and love for humanity is part of what defines and drives him beyond the being a first-generation immigrant, a clinician, and an artist.


“We all have a gift that can be honed and shared with the world if we maintain the same vibration as our gift.”



The idea of “Loss To Profound with Val,” was inspired by Val’s losses and successes. Especially the loss of his brother.