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NuWellness TV/Radio

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 Wednesdays at 11am
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NuWellness TV/Radio with Dr. Lee is a weekly show that will bring viewer powerful topics on Dis-ease, Health, Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition, Prevention, Environmental Medicine, Sustainability and so much more. This is a show the whole family can enjoy. Dr. Lee will share her years of experience as a seasoned holistic healthcare practitioner PhD, RN, and PA couple with a wide range of expert quest. NuWellness TV will be edgy, funny, a joy to watch. This TV show is a guarantee must see for health and fitness enthusiast or those that know information is power! Stay tune for Sheivon Cammon MS, Clinical Nutritionist featured segment “Bon Appetite & Physical Fitness.

Dr. Cherilyn Lee Biography:

Dr. Cherilyn Lee is in the field of health with the highest integrity as a Registered Nurse, a Physician Assistant, a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and received a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition. Dr. Lee’s commitment over the years has been as an “advocate-in-action” for a wholistic approach to health retention. Her numerous certifications include IV Nutrition, Stress Management, Quantum Reflex Analysis, Energy Medicine, Natural Healthcare Professional, Life Strategist and Seminary Leader & Speaker. President of the United States Barack Obama presented Dr. Cherilyn Lee with the Life Time Achievement Award in 2015 for Community Service. Due to her eight years of dedication to NAFE, she was nominated for the Call to Service award given by President Obama for her volunteer time dedicated to mentoring others. In order to achieve this prestigious award one must have over 4,000 hours of volunteer work. Dr. Lee’s countless illustrious awards encompass, “Man In The Mirror Award” from B & G Productions, Michael Jackson – The Gloved One Ultimate Fan Tribute and numerous Commendations,” Certificate of Recognitions” and “Professional Excellence Awards” from Legislative Branches within the State of California, the State Assembly, City of Los Angeles, and City Council Districts as well as from civic organizations, such as the NAACP, the Black Women’s Network and Recycling Black Dollars. Others accolades consist of Mother of the Year in 2010 National Association of Female Executives, Woman of the Year in 2010 National Association for Professionals and a multitude of renowned distinctions. Dr. Lee decided at age seven to become a healthcare practitioner. As a survivor, healed being, and celebrated author of “Written Before I was Born” she wanted to impart the element of compassion in the medical field to all patients at her Nu Wellness Healthcare (NWHC) a Comprehensive Alternative Family Healthcare Center that offers holistic medicine and a more integrated approach to dealing with common diseases and ailments. She believes that the primary goal of patient treatment and care should be focused on mind, body, spirit and emotions for complete healing. She leads by example, always on the cutting edge of new holistic modalities & technologies as well as being the only one in the world that has that offers free thermography (a breast cancer screening) to men, women and children through the CRT diagnostic machine. The Honorable Congresswoman Diane Watson is the spokesperson for Dr. Lee’s nonprofit, Nutri-Med Wellness which does both breast cancer screening & beauty shop stroke screening as well as speaking on Urinary Incontinence in Women. Dr. Lee’s emphasis is on healing oriented medicine by taking a unique approach and combining Functional Medicine, Herbology, Holistic Healthcare, Soul Healing, Energy Healing, Integrated Healthcare, Epigenetics, Psychognosis-Endocrinology & Conventional Medicine along with healthcare practices, research and scientifically proven methods. Dr. Lee created & developed,” Lee’s Pure Air Mask “to protect the body from antibiotic resistance super bugs as well as 500 different disease causing pathogens. This one of a kind, comfortable disposable mask is infused with minerals making it anti-fungal, anti-viral and ant-inflammatory. It effectively filters out grass, pollen, petdander, mold, spores, dust mite by products, textile fibers, and environmental particles. Wearing this unique ultra-light weight mask is perfect for poor air quality from fires & smog, cleaning house, pets, handling paper or fabric, gardening, painting and more.


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