Out of the Friend Zone with Heidi Selexa

About the Show

Out of the Friend Zone

with Heidi Selexa

 Tuesday 4pm PST

Channel 1


OUT OF THE FRIEND ZONE with Heidi Selexa is a fun and funny yet serious and authentic show that unlocks the secrets of what is really going on in the other person’s mind.

It’s an open platform to expose and explain the misunderstood signals, signs and messages between the sexes. Using her quick wit, infectious giggle, comedic timing, and never ending energy, HEIDI SELEXA helps the sexes to understand each other…and says what they’re REALLY thinking!

Heidi Selexa Biography:

Heidi Selexa is a 3-time March of Dimes A.I.R. Award winner and is well known for her unprecedented success as the radio personality who “speaks to what men really want to know about woman”.  With a proven track record of success she has amassed an impressive roster of unique, in-depth, and fun interviews with top recording artists including  Tony Bennet, Willie Nelson, Don Henley, Meryl Haggard, Journey Styx, Berlin, Blondie, Neil Sedaka, Journey, Cyndi Lauper, Momento, System Of A Down, Blink 182 among others. Having a top show on XM (80’s on 8) helped solidify Selexa’s impressive and eager fan base.

From her start producing outspoken and lively content for Transtar/Westwood One Radio Networks program, Hollywood Hamilton’s “Hanging with Hollywood”, and Bruce Chandlers “Romancin’ The Oldies” to her upcoming projects bridging streaming video content to the world of radio – she’s always challenged her listeners with thoughtful ideas and hilarious observations.