Outspoken with Keener and Friends

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Outspoken with Keener and Friends

 Thursday 6pm PST

Channel 1

Elizabeth Keener was born. Her one true love is Dr. Henry Morgenstern, Ph.D of Philosophy…a blind cat. She has a really cool haircut. Keener, not the cat. She really likes kids and likes to pass them back. She has 25 Judge Judys on her DVR. And now for some boring resume stuff.

Elizabeth Keener is an actor, writer, producer and voiceover artist. She has been in numerous television shows and feature films: including ABC’s My Generation and Nicole Holofcener’s Friends with Money. She recently starred in an iTunes favorite horror film The Chosen and opposite Barry Bostwick in Skirtchasers. But no need to bore you with a laundry list. She is best known for her role as the kick ass bar owner in Showtime’s The L Word. Keener is currently working with Bento Box Entertainment on her own animated series.

Keener lives for quick-witted humor and thinks mean people suck…a lot.
She’s opinionated and…she’s opinionated. And, oh, how she loves being made fun of by her friends for ordering Bloody Marys at night. She would rather throw a game night at her place than go to a premiere or the opening of the newest hottest no-named club. She is ready to talk about anything and everything on this show. Get ready for lots of laughs, great guests saying whatever is on their mind and Keener showing off her big brass balls.

Alexander Rodriguez

Alexander’s sense of humor shines through in his cabaret shows, daily life, and his nationally syndicated, weekly show “On The Rocks” on iHeartRadio & Universal Broadcasting Network (UBN), broadcast live from Sunset Gower Studios in the heart of Hollywood. He most recently joined the Host Team at AfterBuzz TV and is featured weekly on that network. His interests are all encompassing including his love of old Hollywood, all things Broadway, reality shows, the best on TV, the up and coming talent in entertainment, and those secrets only he can coax from celebrities…with martini ever in hand.