Reclaiming The Heart of Our Humanity with Audrey Addison Williams

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Reclaiming The Heart of Our


with Audrey Addison Williams

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me Uganda dresssAudrey Addison Williams is a charismatic leader with broad­-ranging managerial skills in both the nonprofit and for­-profit worlds. Her major strengths are her ability to marshal and motivate people and to manage priorities, projects, and budgets.

Audrey has a collaborative leadership style. She is solution­-oriented and purpose­-driven, resilient, and undaunted by tough challenges. She is a fearless communicator with an ability to see problems and issues from many points of view and to build coalitions around shared interests and objectives. Convinced that life is about service and celebration, she is committed to both.

Audrey has 30+ years of community leadership and bridge­-building experience. Using early experience in various management positions in banking and finance, she has successfully transitioned men out of prison into employment; women off of welfare and into self­-sufficiency; and gang members out of rivalry and bloodshed into mutual support and empowerment.

She is an International Speaker, a highly regarded Thought Leader and published Writer

In Uganda and Kenya she spoke to audiences of over 1000, including educators, entrepreneurs, members of Parliament and university students. In one month, she addressed more than 2000 high school students and offered leadership training to 700 people. Some have used her very pragmatic business and spiritual principles to start and scale existing business enterprise