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Richard Oelberger, PhD

Listen or Watch RichardListens featuring the Beverly Hills based psychologist, Richard Oelberger, PhD and the host of the show, Peter Soby. Every other Monday night, Richard will interact with a wide variety of guests from the worlds of psychology, sport psychology, spirituality, self-help, empowerment and motivation.

Richard has come to a point in his life where he wanted to take all his experience and give back to the world somehow. Outside of his community volunteering and youth coaching, he figured UBN Radio/TV would be the perfect platform. Richard and his guests will share their knowledge, wisdom, insights and advice with you!

This show is Richard’s first foray into Live-Streaming Radio/TV, so he was smart enough to bring aboard experienced radio producer/host and filmmaker, Peter Soby. Peter will be smoothly guiding all the action and conversation between Richard, his guests and the callers.

Speaking of callers, Richard accepts live calls on the air if you have anything to input or a question or a comment. So be ready to be interactive!

Nobody else approaches psychology like Richard does. So are you ready to watch/listen to RichardListens? Tune-In every other Monday night at 8pm/PST on, Channel 1. Check the UBN Radio/TV schedule for which Monday nights RichardListens will be on air live.

RICHARD CHAIR CROPPEDRichard Oelberger, PhD is very honored and excited to bring his brand of psychology to the UBN family. He is a licensed Psychologist based in Los Angeles practicing since 2004. He received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology through the Saybrook Graduate School in San Francisco, with an emphasis in Spirituality and Consciousness.

What makes Richard different than the rest? He practices psychology in a way that melds 3 areas of expertise from his life into the way he strategically practices psychology. His approach encompasses martial arts philosophy and somatic approaches with spiritual psychology and it’s all grounded in clinical psychology principles and behavioral strategies.

He offers treatment for a variety of things including anxiety, depression, addiction/recovery issues, sports and performance issues and relationship issues. He also offers Brief Goal-Oriented Therapy and skills for stress reduction, performance enhancement visualization, meditation, mind/body training, transformational character development, sleep hygiene, and time management.

Richard has training in Somatic experience and he is Certified in Sports Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. To find out more about Richard’s work and book an individual consultation, visit

PeterSobyProShot6Peter Soby is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker. He is also an experienced radio/TV producers/host. As a matter of fact, he was a producer/co-host of a previous UBN Radio/TV show, the “Going to Market with Wendi & Peter”. He is very excited to bring his producing and hosting skills to this platform of informing, advising and helping people.