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Each week, Chuck Harold challenge the conventional wisdom of the security industry with their “plain talk” experience, humorous stories and answers from the top security experts in the field.

Tune in each week for the latest security news, enlightening interviews, and a look at a featured security gadget or service.

Security Guy Radio can be heard LIVE worldwide every Monday night from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. (PST).


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FB_IMG_1438871939006Chuck Harold Biography:

Retired police officer, movie studio security executive, contract security company executive and now…

On-Air Radio Host / Executive Producer of Security Guy Radio, a weekly radio show with over 9,000 listeners worldwide.I cover Security operations, Undercover, Law Enforcement Agencies, Security Programs, Personal Protection, Threat Assessment, Local Law Enforcement, Social Media Development, Security Personnel, Federal Law Enforcement, Narcotics, Stalking, Domestic Violence, Security Products, etc. Download the mobile app for Google and Apple!

9.5 years of mission critical and start up operations management in Fortune 50/100 facility, security, studio and investigation environments. 13 years of street level law enforcement experience. 18 years of HR management experience. 31 years of civil and criminal investigation and consulting experience. 8 years of contract security executive management.



image1Hillary Weintraub Biography:

Hillary Weintraub is an actress, homemaker and classic troublemaker.  She is graduate of AMDA NYC, and continues her acting training at the Actor’s Studio of Orange County. Hillary advises you to pay attention:  Security Guy Radio’s Chuck Harold protects you with his voice.