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FIRST AND FOREMOST the world is devoid of fun. It lacks compassion and the heart of humanity is hurting. Joy is the missing ingredient that originates from passion. We bring a cosmic brand of spirituality into daily life.

Misti Cooper Spiritual Alchemist® and Rebecca Dru The Soul Photographer™ are devoted to deliver supreme quality to the masses. We have been given a universal gift to Transform Lives and Activate Souls. We are offering alternative teachings that contribute to solutions to your health and well being. It is up to us to deliver a new, yet ancient message that is worth living for.

SPIRITUAL ECSTASY has the ability to lift your mood. It builds the bridge of curiosity, devotion and seduction offering you the courage to take risks you’ve only dreamed of. Every human being hungers to know their life matters. The highest expression of our own beauty is when we live, work and play from the wellspring of our heart. Spiritual Ecstasy delivers on all levels of personal fulfillment as we walk the walk and talk the talk by generating the energetic magnetism to: Transform Lives and Activate Souls

Misti Cooper: Spiritual Alchemist®, Worldwide Energetic Healer, Spiritual Consultant and educator, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Radio/TV Talk Show Host 

Grand Canyon, Arizona (October 15, 2015) ©2015 Rebecca Dru Photography All Rights Reserved www.rebeccadru.com


Misti’s life began on earth with a near death experience at nine months old. At age three she experienced transference of light from spirit so fierce it activated

her energetic ability and prepared her to be the powerful healer she is today. Misti has experienced several mystical events where she was taken out of body and became one with all of life and was delivered into Spiritual Ecstasy.

Misti Cooper is educated in eight different energetic modalities. A keeper of an activated Crystal Skull, “Skully” she and Rebecca Dru travel the world healing people and the planet. Misti is the bridge between medicine and the immune system. Working with Clients suffering from PTSD, Multi Personality Disorder, Lymphoma, Ovarian Cancer, Adoption Trauma, Digestion, Drug Addiction, Life Purpose, Money issues & Love.

In her personal story its natural for her to challenge the belief system of the world and the community around her. Misti’s work is to Transform Lives and Activate Souls and believes healing can be a fun adventure! 

Additional Soul Service: Executive Board Member & PAC Trustee, West HollywoodChamber of Commerce
website: www.misticooper.com  
email: misti@misticooper.com

Rebecca Dru: Spiritual Entertainer…The Soul Photographer, Grammy Nominated Artist, Intuitive, Spiritual Consultant and Educator, Author, Motivational Speaker and Radio/TV Talk Show Co-Host



Rebecca Dru is a true Renaissance woman with a variety of interests and talents. At 3, Rebecca Dru was gifted in seeing life, death, transition, second chances and disease inside the body. She’s an Empathic Medical Intuitive working with Misti Cooper. They’ve created Spiritual Ecstasy EnterpriseTM comprised of Multimedia, Books, Music, Transformations and Activations, Lectures and Concerts transforming lives with love everywhere they go.

Rebecca Dru is The Soul Photographer. She captures the essence of your soul from her heart. She’s unconditional love. Rebecca Dru’s photography is international, featured in The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The NY Times and a host of other publications. She’s captured souls from Entertainment to Sports but her favorite is transformational photography.

Rebecca Dru is a multi-award winning Grammy nominated artist whose music has been heard worldwide. Ann Oldenburg of USA TODAY said, “Anyone who listens will fall under the spell of Rebecca Dru’s rich vocals and dreamy lyrics.” After a long hiatus, she will be returning soon with Misti Cooper, creating a new genre of music in the Spiritual realm that will appeal to the masses. 

 web: www.rebeccadru.com e-mail: rebeccadru@gmail.com