The Millennial Report with Wade Heath

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The Millennial Report

with Wade Heath

Tuesday @ 12pm PDT

The Millennial Report shares the best of a generation and is focused on how they’re making a positive difference. As America’s largest living demographic, millennials wield massive influence and The Report is a weekly huddle for them to unite over what makes them unique, their issues and learning from their stories. It’s a news show designed to inspire and entertain; and a place where the interviews are always on fleek.


Wade HeathWade Heath is a Millennial on a Mission to help America better understand the positive aspects of his generation. A youth and culture commentator for TheBlaze news network and newspaper columnist for more than a decade, Wade believes that it’s his demographic that will change the course of human events for the better and become the heroes the world desperately needs.

As the founder of the Do Good. Be Great. Millennial movement, a personal development and inspiration media platform, Wade started impacting his peers via social media and podcast in 2013. He continues to speak at conferences, colleges and schools across the country, sharing the message of the “Party for a better tomorrow.”

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