The Music Project

About the Show

The Music Project


Hosts:  Lauren Dair Owens and Sean Lusk  

The Music Project is an online radio show that discusses all aspects of music. We interview up-and-coming bands, discuss the the latest music news, and more. For an hour every Sunday, we talk about all different factors of music. Since all three hosts are musicians themselves, they can really dig into technical elements of music. Our goal is present our listeners with artists who may become their new favorite band. We try to make our show fun and unique while talking about relevant topics in the music industry.

Lauren Dair Owens


Lauren Dair is a singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Growing up, Lauren always had a deep passion for music, but it wasn’t until she moved to Los Angeles to be an actress that she began writing and recording her own music. When she was 12 years old, Lauren got the part of playing Young Jess on the hit FOX show “New Girl” playing the flashbacks of Zooey Deschannel.

Lauren started the band Gravity Hill, who toured all over California and playing world famous venues such as the Roxy, the Troubadour, and the Las Vegas Strip. With a hard hitting alternative-rock sound, Gravity Hill started to make their mark on Southern California. When the band dissolved in early 2015, Lauren questioned what her next step would be. Using her alternative roots as an influence, Lauren decided to take her love for acoustic singer/songwriter music and mix it with the vibey, moody sound that is heard in many of her favorite bands. Her third EP, “Perfectly Flawed”, is a departure from anything else she’s ever done. Every song is filled with catchy hooks and deep lyrics


Along with being a musician, Lauren also has a great love for interviewing and promoting other great artists. Lauren has been working on radio for 5+ years and loves every moment of it. When she started The Music Project, Lauren’s goal was to create a program for listeners to hear interviews and music news about their favorite artists while hopefully finding their new music obsession in the process.

Sean Lusk

2016-09-039506-54-21951951473619544305Sean Lusk, 16, has been immersed in music his whole life.  He started playing guitar at the age of 5, and has been playing ever since.  Sean began his singing career at 12.  He performs solo shows in Hollywood and San Diego.  He is also the lead singer of “American Laced”, and is playing venues in So Cal and Arizona. He also is an actor, and has acted in lead roles, music videos, print, commercial, and modeling jobs.  He is also the co-host of the popular internet radio show, “The Music Project”.  Social Media:  Twitter @RealSeanLusk; and Instagram @Sean Lusk