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Truth Be Told is a 2-hour radio experience with renowned DJ’s, Dean Ryan and Captain Ron. Join them, as they seek answers from the world’s leading experts in the field of conspiracy theories, UFO investigations, abductions, Free Masons, secret civilizations and more. They invite fans to listen, learn and create their own hypnosis based on each shows content. Do you want to know what really happens behind the scenes? Join Tony, Dean and Captain Ron for:

Truth Be Told on Channel 1

Fridays 4-6pm PST

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Tony Sweet



Dean Ryan


Dean Ryan is a producer, writer, film maker and radio personality. He worked as a producer/reporter for Alex Jones’ Infowars, Coast To Coast AM &

In 2014 he gave first hand ground breaking reports on the Dallas Ebola scare & the Sydney Hostage Siege for The Sunday Wire radio program. Having traveled the world at an early age and living in many different countries Ryan is a cultured explorer with an understanding of who is really controlling society.

He’s currently a Co-Host for an online TV show called Truth Be Told on Universal Broadcasting Network.

Seeking truth through film, television and radio, Dean Ryan, continues to spread the message of Liberty by any means necessary.