UBN Interweb Playhouse

About the Show

Like the radio plays and serials of yesteryear, UBN Playhouse is a live event; an original play, teleplay or screenplay selected for ​an exclusive on-air reading with a cast of professional actors. UBN Playhouse presents a live theatre experience which can be enjoyed in the comfort of one’s own home or via our Smartphone app at the beach – with no expensive ticket prices! Our goal to engage our audience and develop a greater appreciation for theatre.

Home To Roose

After being driven away from his hometown by the hurtful words of his twin brother, Bird returns when his family most needs him. In the aftermath of his brother suicide, Bird reconnects with his first love, takes charge of a volatile family situation, and realizes that in his absence, and because of his successes, he has become something of a hometown hero. This is a coming home story that disproves the old adage: you can take the boy out of the sticks, but you can’t take the sticks out of the boy.

Erick McAllister