Where’s the Fairy Dust?


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Show Title: Where’s the Fairy Dust?

Description: Living Unfiltered with Wendi and John

Chatting it up with my new co-host John Hamilton – Los Angeles Publicist and assistant to a famous person we are not allowed to mention. We discuss our new show starting in January 2016 that will focus/feature our collective expertise of Marketing & Advertising + Public Relations. We are super excited to start be celebrating those who don’t have the budget for PR and Marketing and experts willing to share their talents with our audience – our goal is to bring the best of the best together each week for an exciting and enlightening platform where education, experience and engaging content meet. Adding Periscope inJanuary will be fun to allow our viewers a full behind the scenes look at Living Unfiltered each week. BTW, Just 6 hours after the show aired I was dying of the most horrendous toothache known to mankind.

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Release Date: November 24, 2015