Who Loves Ya Baby! Guest Julie Savalas


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Show Title: Who Loves Ya Baby! Guest Julie Savalas ENTS

Description: Tonight we share the studio with Julie Savalas. Yes you have it right – Telly Savalas’ widow and I may add…child bride. (LOL). After Telly passed she raised their children Ariana Savalas, (search for her up above to see her video “One Man Show”) and Christian Savalas (Chris Chace) “If we did it all Again” (search above for video) singer, song writer, musician and IT geek, Julie followed her family roots and became a successful Inventor!

This show is so funny because I love this lady so much…just a kindred spirit.

John does a great job of wrangling us back in as we do tend to go off topic and have fun telling stories of how we met, how I didn’t know who she was and was screaming to get me the “F” out of her car – NOW! ,We talk about Howard’s fascination, (you have to listen to find out who he is) and why I am so pissed off at International Houseware Association.

Every show is a fun show, but this one was special – Julie shared her “Laundry Guard – Haus Maus” invention and John had lots of great ideas…and is always the best Co Host Ever! Are his roots really blonde?

Release Date: June 22, 2016