Podcasts can be sexy. Even some guests are sexy. What do we mean by sexy? They are good time guests. Because our show is called Friend or Foe, the title implies that there MAY be a few foes. And super villains are super sexy. Are Kevin and Erik sexy? Well, they feel like it when there is chemistry on the show, which is often. So often, our hosts are sexy.

Our guests have been from the Entertainment industry so far (with the exception of Ken the Uber Driver but more on that later). Persons in the industry are full of surprises, making them spontaneous, which of course, is very sexy. Marilyn is beyond sexy, which we call a ten-plus-plus.

Right now, we have a long list that Erik compiled, which has on it Naomi Grossman, Wil Wheaton, “Weird Al Yankovic,” and 80’s singer Tiffany to name a few. Erik is guarding the master list with his life and will probably be a bit peeved we are letting such secrets out.

But back to sexy, as lists are not sexy unless Sarah Silverman is included on it and its part of Entertainment Weekly.

On Ken the Uber Driver, word on the street is that he is still peeved at the show for embarrassing him on-air and we hope that we can resolve this issue on a future show. Luckily the texts have stopped before legal action had to be taken. Furthermore, Ken is now Lyft’s problem employee.

We are on Itunes and Stitcher, which we hear are big sexy platforms for podcasts. Do Kevin and Erik listen to podcasts? No, they are too worried about being sexy and that takes time.

One last thing. Our audience needs to be sexy. So this is your wake up call. Actually, if you need a wake up call, you probably aren’t sexy, because sexy people do whatever they want.

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